Hardware Hacking Workshop Online

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Over 20+ Training Videos & Labs

Topics include but are not limited to:

Fundamental Embedded Hardware Concepts

  • Basic electronics and circuit analysis
  • Analog/digital communications
  • Common inter-component protocols

Non-Invasive Hardware Reverse Engineering

  • Component identification
  • Following PCB traces
  • Understanding functional relationships between components

Bus Sniffing & Interface Analysis

  • Spying on communications protocols
  • Decoding and deciphering captured bits
  • Identifying and extracting important data

Soldering & Desoldering

  • Soldering and desoldering basics
  • Component removal and replacement
  • Dealing with surface mount components

What to do When All Goes Wrong

  • Intermediate-level electronics and circuit analysis
  • Understanding your tools and their effects on the circuit
  • Understanding the circuit and its effect on your tools

Plus Membership to a Private Slack Channel

The learning never stops with ongoing access to our private Slack channel with current and former students of both the Hardware Hacking Workshop live class and the Hardware Hacking Workshop online edition.

"This is one of the very few courses that I would recommend to any Security Professional/Researcher with or without prior knowledge in HW & Electronics, and to anyone who wishes to follow the path of becoming an IoT/HW Security Professional or a HW Hacker!"

Eli Ben-Ami

"Based on a previous course taught at a company I used to work for, I recommended Tactical Network Solutions to my current employer when we were looking for an intro course on hardware hacking for junior reverse engineers. I thought the instructors were knowledgeable and the instruction level was good for an intro course. "

Vulnerability Researcher

"I loved the class. I have always been interested in soldering, looking into firmware of wireless routers, and understanding circuit board design. The material also helped with better understanding from a defensive side, which helps at work."

US Government



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