IoT Firmware Exploitation Online

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Over 50+ Training Videos & Labs

Develop Real Exploits

You will develop actual working exploits against a live device using advanced emulation and exploitation techniques including stack overflows, return to libc, and return oriented programming.

Lifetime Access

Learn at your own pace with full, lifetime access to all course materials and our dedicated Slack channel.

IDA Pro License for Linux

We offer two purchase options: with or without a Linux IDA Pro license. You can use your own IDA Pro license for Linux or you can purchase a license from us.

Course Modules & Labs

A look inside the online course.


Course Modules

Lab Exercises

Even more videos inside the course!

Added Bonus: Membership to a Private Slack Channel

The learning never stops with lifetime access to our private Slack channel with current and former students of the IoT Firmware Exploitation class.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need IDA Pro?
No. However, all provided examples and solutions are based on IDA Pro. IDA Pro’s integrated debugger just works!

Can I use Windows?
Yes. We provide you a virtual machine with a Linux-based operating system. You will need to install a virtual machine player on your machine. We have tested all software and labs with VMware Player (Version 15). Virtual Box or Parallels are untested. If you come across any issues, we might not be able to resolve the problem.

Can I buy the course without buying an IDA license?

I have an IDA license for Windows/Mac OSX, can I use my version of IDA?
Yes, but you will need to know how to connect to the running process inside the student VM from the Windows/Mac OSX instance.

Can I use another disassembler?
Sure, but the plugins present in the course content are IDA-based. Additionally, IDA’s integrated debugger makes dynamic analysis much easier. However, if you are skilled and comfortable with using a standalone GDB client, then you should have no issues with dynamic analysis. If you are not, then we highly recommend purchasing our 6-month license for the Linux OS.

What equipment is in the kit?
We ship you one exemplar router, a TTL/UART cable, a multimeter, jumper wires, and a screwdriver.

I already have a multimeter, could I get/receive a discounted price for the kit?
No. The kits are pre-packaged. We do not break up the kits. But feel free to sell the multimeter!

Do I get to keep the equipment you send me?
Yes! You get to keep all the equipment we send you.

How much time do I have to complete the course?
As much time as you need. This is a self-paced course. You can learn when and where you want. There is no time limit to complete the course and labs.

How long do I have access to the videos, labs, and Slack channel?
You have lifetime access to the course modules, labs, and the private Slack channel.

Will I receive a Certificate of Completion?
Yes, please contact the Instructor in the Slack channel and we will email you a Certificate of Completion.

"I think IoT Firmware Exploitation is amazing training, and gives you the same opportunity to learn as the on-site class. This is clearly amazing, since you don't need to pay for a trip and other things. This is an incredible cost savings for people."

Vulnerability Reseacher

"The IoT Firmware Exploitation course was my first IoT hacking course, I walked in without much knowledge about hardware hacking or where to start and I walked out with the ability to leverage my overflow exploitation knowledge in completely new ways leveraging reverse engineering skills acquired during class to track down and exploit vulnerable functionality within a device's firmware."

Penetration Tester, CC Labs

"For anyone looking to attack and reverse embedded systems, this is THE course to take. The instructor’s years of experience came through. The material for the course was clear and concise. I feel like it just saved me months (if not more!) of Googling, reading books/blogs, and late nights trying to figure stuff out on my own."